Need help optimizing page!!

We have gone through and optimized our page as much as possible.

Here are the results:

We are currently using an Amazon EC2 C3 series server and are in the process of adding a CDN.

I think the issue is that the start rendering process is taking quite a long time and we can’t figure out how to change that.

Our goal is to have all content above the fold load in under 2 seconds.

Omg, have you ever even try to optimize this page?

1 - Js with lib should be going AFTER CSS files
2 - CSS should be as one bundle - 1 file to download or better variant inline in HTML your CSS
3 - You will never get good time with this guy - it is critically large
4 - optimize your images
5 - deffer this script on onLoad event
and so on and on

Some of the things to improve performance are going to require design/business decisions. The main thing killing you is the 7 custom fonts. If (and I do mean IF) you really need to use custom fonts, try to get by with only 1 (or 2 in a worst-case scenario) and make sure they are subsetted to just the character sets you need.

Watch out for the scripts you have right after the css in your head. That will cause the browser to block execution until all of the scripts have downloaded. Strangely enough, inline scripts are actually better off being before your CSS (as long as they are small).

What is the limelight CRM? That’s an insane amount of script that is inlined into the head of the page for it.

If you can move the adwords conversion tracking snippet to the end of the HTML (or find a way to make it async) that will also help.