Help me with final optimizations


I’ve been working diligently to try to optimize my site (as a non-techie) at by fixing plugin issues, using a better caching plugin and setting up CDN use however im running into a couple of issues and I hope one of you with more knowledge will be able to help me out.

I’ve finally hassled the host (crocweb) to get my TTFB down (2+ seconds previously) and switched to WP-Rocket Cache and CDN77 for Static file delivery but Im having issues where my carousel wont load on firefox. Everything seems fine on Chrome (aside from a Flash of unstyled content, which I assume i can fix by either allowing jquery to be render blocking or figuring out my critical CSS)

Hoping you guys can help!

Run 1 - Chrome -
Run 2 - Firefox -

and yes, I know Adsense is putting like a million HTTP requests out :confused: attached are shots of my caching plugin settings!

So by unchecking combine CSS into as few files as possible, load css Async & load JS defered it seems my site now works on all browsers, unfortunately now im render blocking again :confused: help?

You have several things to fix here.

  1. If you look at first visit, something’s badly broken with the CDN system you’re using.

You can see this by the massive time required to serve the small .css file, which appears to require loading to kick up loading other assets.

Fix: Ditch your CDNs + serve all assets directly off your site with correct expires tags.

  1. Subsequent visit times can be fixed by arranging for Javascript to run after page is loaded.

So fire a Javascript event on document rendered/complete or page load (depends on many factors which you choose) + this will make your 2nd+ visits speed very fast.
BTW, the above problems can’t be fixed via WordPress caching.