Website optimization needed in terms of loading speed

Hi, I run a website Its hosted with godaddy and supported by cloudflare Pro service. Despite taking help from cloudflare my page loading time is not less than 12 seconds.
I am at a loss about the optimization. Any professional is there to help?
Kindly treat it urgent

Yup! How can we help?

I want to decrease the page loading time. How can I achieve this?

Sure, I sent you a PM

Task #1
The first thing that I see is that you are loading some bad resources:
Line 23 to 38

Task #2
You are loading jquery on line #11, 15, 45,49, from different sources, so it’s downloading and blocking the page

Task #3
Use cloud flare for all your content. Even your images.

Let’s see where that get’s us and we will work on the rest after

Many thanks for the reply but I guess I need to see the picture/ result you referred here. the link is not working for me. Also, if you please indicate the blocking jqueries it will be helpful.

I am using EWWW picture optimizer as plugin. Does it make any sense to use Cloudflare for picture optimization? Similarly I use WP minify instead of cloudflare resource. I hope WP minify is a superior product? What else I can put on Cloudflare to speed it up?

URL of your results

Cloudflare Is also a CDN service. In short, CDN help transfer content from a closer server than your current hosting.

As for plugins, the best way to find out is to disable them and run test one by one, comparing them :slight_smile:

Let me know if you’re still looking for help optimizing your site? You can shoot me an email at