Wordpress site is brual on load times!

Basically I’m having problems with my wordpress gamesite (lumin0sity.com) loading in like 6 seconds. Probably because we have a good 2000 or so posts due to the fact that it’s a gamesite. I’ve got W3 cache, WP Optimize, Cloudflare, and a few other optimization techniques good to go but it still takes pretty much forever. It still takes a good 5 seconds when loading with NO plugins.


What would you guys do? I’ve put too much work into the site to just give up but I can’t run it while having those load problems. We are currently on a 2GB RAM 2 CPU core processor. I was seeing the same load times on a 1GB RAM 1 CPU core server.

First turn off cloudflare for your performance work on the base page (TTFB) so you can get the server tuned and responding well without the added complexity. Once the TTFB looks good then you can turn it back on but otherwise it’s hard to see what the origin server performance looks like.

It sounds like you are on a dedicated server. If so then I highly recommend installing New Relic (or a similar APM) which will give you visibility into where the server time is going. Don’t worry about the full page load yet, this is all of the first byte time.

As far as the caching plugins, where do you have them caching to? I have had a lot of luck with W3 cache and having it use apc or memcache for it’s caching store (and caching pages as well as database calls and objects).

along with Patrick i can’t rate new relic highly enough. use it one 3 production servers and 1 minecraft machine. gives great insights into what’s hogging (or not hogging) memory and performance.
i use wp super cache along with cloudflare on a blog. TTFB is 0.120s on a VPS with 4GB of RAM (using FastCGI).