site is slow need help to improve performance


One of my client has this site and I test it on here. Here is the test result.

I have added CDN. currently Cloudflare is CDN as well as hosting the DNS. Also, some of the content i.e. bundled JS and CSS are getting delivered from AWS Cloud Front so does most of the images. However, site still seem to be loading very slow and I am not sure on what to do next or where is the bottle neck.

It is hosted in Australia on shared host, and targeting users in Aust and NZ only.

Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated.



Your page is heavy and it seems you’re using a lot of fonts (10,88% of total weight)

You’ll find here a lot of tips to optimize your page:

Your website’s page is massive compared to most other sites and your performance is paying the price of it.

You need to remove some of the images by making a few of them into CSS sprites (see - this will not only reduce the number of HTTP requests, but should give you scope to optimise some of the images whilst your at it.

If you can remove some of the images and replace them with CSS effects, that will also improve performance as well.

You also have 2 seconds of dead time - you should also consider reducing the time to first byte. Consider looking at server side caching in your CMS such as using a MemCache plugin or extension.

Hi thank you all for the suggestion. I will work on it. The issue is it is not CMS, it is nop commerce which is making it difficult. How do I reduce time to first byte, could it be because of Cloudflare and Cloudfront together?


Cloudflare and Cloudfront are client-facing caching servers which may not be the problem area I would concentrate on first.

One of the biggest problem seems to with Nop Commerce itself being rather slow - I would investigate any server based caching on the server such as Memcache or even disk caching for database queries. If there aren’t any (I’m not familiar with Nop Commerce myself so I can’t say for certain), but it may be worth it getting a developer to install some caching in the files, or perhaps looking for a caching plugin or extension for Nop Commerce.

The major area of speed up for this site is mentioned already.

Spritify all the many small .jpeg images.