How long are test results available for?

Will they be there indefinitely?


I’m wondering whether to extract these to a local document or reference the above link.

That is the plan (barring a catastrophic data loss). So far results have been kept for 2 years and theoretically I’m on an unlimited storage plan from Dreamhost but even unlimited is bound to have limits. Even if I bump into a limit I’ll start doing things like compressing the older tests and archiving tests off site (should be transparent, just a slower load) before I start deleting anything.


Hi Patrick, it’s 2017 now, just want to be sure this comment is still correct. Can you please confirm How long are test results available?

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Generally, yes. The main exception is tests run through the API which are only kept for 30 days (as mentioned on the page for API keys).

It’s been ages since the site has been on dreamhost. The tests are stored locally on a NAS (currently using 65TB of space). There’s no offsite backup so it is still best-effort but I still have tests going back to 2008.