Test History "Test Not Found"

How long does webpagtest store tests results? It appears it’s now less than 4 months.

Tests I performed in Oct 2015 display: “Test Not Found”.

http://www.webpagetest.org/result/151007_A6_116Q/ (Oct 2015)

Tests I performed in Dec 2015 are shown:


Search query:


Am I missing something?

We store test results indefinitely but there’s a fairly big * next to that. That being that the tests are stored in a single (redundant) array with no offline backup and it is a best-effort. Up until a few months ago we had a solid streak for ~8 years with no issues but there was a logic problem introduced (while fixing a filesystem corruption) that resulted in a lot of the archived tests being removed.


Is there any chance that tests will be restored?
I’m very satisfied with your service, but did never consider to backup tests.
Now I’m asked to make a comparison, which unfortunately is just impossible
without reference.


No, sorry. There are no backups (it was ~30TB of data at it’s peak).