Missing test results

I made a number of tests from Amsterdam and Singapore locations on July 27th which now show as “Test not found” when I click the link in my history log. E.g. http://www.webpagetest.org/result/110727_ZZ_65a0da8e13e663b630faf001e8b02181/

I did 8 individual tests from these two locations within 30 minutes and all of them are showing up as “Test not found”

Anyone else experience this - is this a general issue or an issue with my tests?


I’ve been having the same problem with several tests done over the past few months. I keep a daily log of my tests and many of my links to past tests no longer function. I wanted to go back and add some data to my daily performance chart and was disappointed at the number of tests that did not work.

Were any of the tests submitted through the API? We had an archiving issue for a week or two early in July that resulted in some tests submitted through the API or with large results (several runs with video capture) not being archived and accidentally deleted.

Sorry, I try hard to make sure that the test histories are kept forever and I have made several changes to the archiving logic to prevent failures in the future.

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your reply. None of my tests were submitted via API nor had video capture.

No worries, I’ll just run the tests again. Your effort and this service are very appreciated!


None of my tests were through the api either, and I’m having trouble again. Tests that I ran Friday (Aug, 5) are missing. Here is an example url:



will, can you ping me at pmeenan@webpagetest.org with some of the details on the test (URL, number of runs and any other options)? I need to see if I can identify what is causing some tests to have problems archiving but not others.

If you have a test from the last 3 days that you ran as well can you shoot me a link for it?