How test pages where authorization requires?

How can I test webpage where authorization requires (username and password)? I am unable to test. Is there any solution?

What kind of autohorization?

If it is a normal HTML login then you can use a script (script tab in advanced settings) to automate the login or to set the cookies to match an existing session.

If it is an HTTP Auth dialog (basic auth only is supported) then there is a tab in the advanced settings where you can specify credentials.

Apologies for being daft, but where is this setting? I can’t find it. Thanks!

Sorry, I had just removed it from the UI yesterday because I didn’t think anyone used it and it was just a front-end for adding a header. I just put it back.

Oh, great, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, Still I am not able to use the HTTP Basic Authentication. Even though I provide User Name and Password, test results are showing 403 error (Screenshots are saying Access Denied).