How to compress image

I’ve attempted to compress the images flagged in this test using imagemin but didn’t reduce the image size by anywhere near what the test is suggesting.
For instance I got the first image “dedicated.jpg” down to 324 from 390. (I don’t think our cdn knows that yet, separate issue) but wpt is suggesting I can get it to 96?
What tool would I use to get it that small?

You can test with Imageoptim on Mac, smushit , Jpeg mini to get the best results. With Jpeg mini lite I get 93KB for example.

Webpagetest will work out the possible image size using lossy compression (a decrease in quality). A lot of image optimization tools will only use lossless compression which keeps the quality the same but removes the extra exif data such as those added by cameras.

You can actually grab the optimized images off webpagetest. A quick guide to do this is posted by Patrick here:

You can also use Smush It service from yahoo, it’s really easy and efficient! It works file by file, and with plenty files together using download, or giving a simple URL…