Compress Images


I have been using the test to decrease my load times. I used smush it to reduce my images yet the test is still showing that they need to be compressed?

I use photoshop in the first place and already saved them to web.

Anyone have any ideas what is going on?


When you saved the jpeg images for web in photoshop, do you remember what the quality level was? The target we recommend is a level of 50 in Photoshop’s save for web UI (though you may be able to get more or not achieve it depending on the content of the images).

WebPagetest does a lossy compression check on jpeg images which is the warning you are getting (and if you click on the grade it wil take you to the list of images). Smush it only does losless optimization for images so it won’t be able to help in this case.

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the explaining why WebPageTest shows such warning. I did create the images with 100% quality in GIMP while saving a couple of images. When I set it to 80% using GIMP, not only the size of the image reduced considerably, but WebPageTest no longer shows the warning. There is of course some loss in quality of image.