how to compress pages without an extension?

By that I mean pages like this:

Obviously it loads but every time I run the test for the original url above it says that page failed to cache… how to fix?

Do you have a link to your test result? It sounds like you are just serving a mostly static file and don’t have any explicit caching headers on the response. It can be solved with an expires directive in your .htaccess (depending on server being used).

If you don’t want the HTML to be cached by the browser you can set it to private and no-cache. Otherwise if you want to let it be cached for some period of time, just specify how long you want it to be cached for. By not specifying anything, different browsers are going to apply different heuristics.

I also wouldn’t fret about the ding in the optimization checking for that either. It’s mostly for static images and page content so a full 30-days probably won’t make sense for HTML anyway.

This is the test result and the site is mainly a little bit of js & the rest is images & html.

but yeah on that site the content wont be changed at all… it’s in archive mode indefinitely
It just always caught my attention.