How to get DOMCONTENTLOADED in report?

I get these in my reports
URL/ Complete Load Time First View (seconds) /Number of Requests First View/ Complete Load Time Cached (seconds) / Number of Requests Cached / Total Size (KB) / Report

How do I get DOMCONTENTLOADED in my report?

The config data is fed to the webpagetest report via an XML file and I don’t see anywhere the columns are specified?

What report? You will only get DOM Content Loaded times for Chrome, Firefox and IE 10+ (maybe IE 9). I’m not sure what you are using to translate the XML into a report though.

Thanks for reply. In this report which column represents the DOMCONTENTLOADED time? I used Chrome for testing.

The vertical pink line. The times themselves will only show up in the data table if you go to the waterfall view: