How to have an API Key

I’d like to install webpagetest on a linux machine.

How can I get an APIKey to use the agent?

Installing a private instance or one of the API wrappers (node, etc)? You can email me for a key but the usage on the public instance is quite limited so if you plan on doing a lot of testing you will want to look into running a full private instance (maybe using the EC2 agents):

Hi pmeenan.

Up to know I need the API key to test that everything works fine.

For the Agent I’d like to install one on my servers in Italy. Is there any Docs well detailed on how to install it?

The link above to the private instances doc has the installation directions for the agent.

So to install the Agent I need a Windows server?

No way to use a Linux distro?

There is an experimental NodeJS agent that works with Chrome but it is still pretty Alpha: otherwise yes, you need a Windows PC for the Agent.

Pre-configured agents are available as EC2 AMI’s if you’d rather not run the box yourself.


Yes I saw the Ec2 instance but I’d like to run an Agent in Italy.
Ec2 has no place in Italy.