How to Improve First Byte Time

My total page size is 485 kb and it is taking too long to load as first byte time its showing 14.765 sec which is really worst…Can anybody help me to improve this?
My site is published on a virtual server with 1GB ram with 2.66 Ghz Processor.

Your first byte performance is going to be driven by the server-side logic as well as the webserver and database configurations. It’s hard to say where the problem is without more detail.

Usually you will need to either instrument your app or use something like New Relic to identify the slow parts because it could be specific database queries, too many database calls, slow filesystem, slow php integration (using cgi?), a webserver with too few clients or a huge number of other problems.

Hi Thanks for the reply.

On my home page there is only one simple query to fetch cities from the database no other database interaction is there and my site is developed with dotnet platform and hosted on Windows IIS server 7.0, database is Sql Server 2008.
You can test and see the result the website link is:

Right now I am creating the sprite of images and minimizing the css.
I hope after that it will improve for some extent.
Please test and let me know what changes i need to make to reduce First Byte Time.

Thanks in advance.

The images and css will not help with the first byte time (won’t change it at all). Can you try a really simple dotnet page that does nothing but return “Hello World”? That will help you track it down to see if it is your server configuration (IIS) or something in the application.