how to scale agent/location to handle more URls


Currently we are using hosted webpagetest and also using python script to monitor the URL periodically. we are running job for every 30min for 20 URls… Normally 20 Urls takes time of 5-8 min to complete in each duration… in future if we want to monitor more than 100Urls and could take 30min of time for each test (assuming), in this case we are overloading the test agent …

So wondering is it possible to configure multiple agents for same location for which those systems dividing the jobs per location?.. Kindly let us know…


Absolutely. You can have as many agents configured for each location. Just configure the agent with the same location information and it will “just work”. The agents poll the server for work so the server doesn’t really know anything about the individual agents.

I’ve had as many as 500 agents backing up a single location before (and the Dulles IE8 location is backed by 16 agents right now).



Great Pat!!! this is really awesome …