How to solve "0 ms (Request Canceled)" problem?

Make sure not to get too caught up in optimizing to the scores (WebPagetest, YSlow or Pagespeed). They are there to help but ultimately the customer experience is what matters.

It might make sense for the grades to be evaluated only up to the Document Complete which would solve your issue but might hide real problems on sites.

True, true. However:

  • PageSpeed score 100 on 99% of pages. (some pages has only 1 image, and Goog does not like it).
  • YSlow score 100/99 (if ignore CDN).
  • Webpagetest score C :slight_smile:

I’m a stricter grader :wink:

Seriously, the jpeg compression is one of the checks that the other tools don’t do (they will check for meta data but not the compression level) and it’s actually a pretty critical one for most sites so I just need to think of a way to integrate it so it’s more forgiving in your case but without compromising the check.

Yea, good idea. Perhaps, all images after Document Complete throws warning, but does not affect overall image score? In this case requests 11-14 are not penalized… :angel: dream

Also, there is some bug… you say:

So, we take this test, and look at request 3. It passed the test!

But that image is pure 24-bit PNG. :huh:

Sorry, There’s a minimum threshold on the savings before it will get flagged - though to be honest I’m not happy about the PNG side of the checks and that’s going to be re-done shortly.

Ok, got it. And what is the minimum? 20kb? 20,480 bytes?

Looking at the code, 10-50% savings should be a warning and 50+% will be an error. Guess I didn’t have the flat minimum there (think it exists for gzip) - better documentation is on the way :slight_smile: