Strange Results


I have been using your service for 2 years and more. In the past it was rarely I beat Google’s customizations, and usually by fractions of a second. But in the last month, more than once, on different sites on unrelated hosts, the results are coming up wrong.

Right now I tested a totally uncustomized site with 2 second ttfb but I beat google which showed 30 seconds best time, while the unoptimized site took 6 seconds. I been getting a significant amount of results like that which are plainly wrong, which in turn makes me doubt the numbers shown for the site I am testing.

I will gladly help you any way I can since I value your service and want it to remain reliable and valid as in the past.


It looks like that test is from the Google PageSpeed Service comparison ( ).

Do you have a link to the test result itself? It is possible that your hosting provider is blocking the traffic coming from Google’s proxies. The “Optimized” page is obviously completely broken so looking at the waterfall and raw results will help identify the cause.

Are you seeing measurement issues just measuring your sites directly through WebPagetest ( or are all of the issues with the Optimized version from the /compare? A few sample sites would help to see what they have in common. If they are all on Cloudflare for example, it’s possible that their abuse prevention system is kicking in since the Optimized tests flow through Google’s servers and come from a small number of IP addresses.