How to statistically compare 2 tests?

I have 2 domains with identical content and server, but a different networking setup (Cloudflare Argo, for those who are curious). I would like to statistically compare the 2 to decide if there is a statistically significant difference between the performance of both sites.

When I click “Plot Full Results” on the summary tab, I see “Statistical Comparison Against”. But I can only select the test itself to compare to, not others tests that I have previously run.

Is there a way to compare 2 different test results?

Thank you in advance!

The plot page takes a comma-delimited list of test IDs like the filmstrip view for comparing (allows for labeling with -l:blah too).

For continuous data, either a t-test or, if the assumptions aren’t met, a permutation test.

For categorical data, an exact chi-square test such as Fisher’s exact test.