How to test on more browser devices through the API

Hi everyone,

I tried to test my webpage and get the results back through the public API but there are some limitations and I couldn’t test on ipad, iphone and … . I wanted to know if I can test those browsers and devices using the private instance or not and if the answer is yes, can I use my existing code for the public API or the test will be completely different through the private instance?

Thank you

Yes though I’m not sure it is what you are expecting. When you run a private instance that means you are also deploying the test agents. To test iPad and iPhone that means you will need to deploy the physical devices and 2 Mac’s (one for each each) to run the agent software.

Yes, you can re-use your code against a private instance. You just change the server it is talking to to point to your server and use whatever API key you configure (if any).

The only thing I need is to be able to run the test on some more browser/locations such as Dulles_iPadMini2.Cable and Dulles_Nexus5:Nexus 5 - Chrome.3GFast, is there a way you can manually assign me a key with full access?

If you email me - it might be possible but the single iPhone tends to be pretty busy which is why API testing isn’t generally allowed on it (because you’d never get results back).