How to unlock our tests on

Hi Team Webpagetest,
We run some automated tests to get the performance of some of our pages.
Recently our requests were blocked by with message “Your test request was intercepted by our spam filters (or because we need to talk to you about how you are submitting tests)”.

Can you help us how to resume our tests. We fire 12 tests for 6 urls (both for mobile and desktop user agent) every 30 min. Following are the keys used by us to prevent from exceeding total limit based on per key.

some keys****

Let us know, whats the way to pass through this. Do you want us to reduce frequency? make it to 1 hour?

Rahul Kumar

I replied to your mail this morning (email is the correct/best way to reach me for this kind of issue).

Just in case anyone else bumps into similar issues, the fact that there were is the problem. Bypassing the API key limit by registering multiple API keys is a good way to get banned from testing (along with scripting the UI to submit tests automatically). I have a bunch of reporting that makes that kind of behavior very obvious and easy to identify and I usually end up blocking 2-3 users/domains from testing per week as a result.

The public instance of WebPageTest isn’t meant to be a monitoring system, as tempting as it may be. The API keys work for light usage and testing out integrations but for monitoring you’ll want to set up a private instance or use one of the commercial monitoring systems ( for example is built on a private WebPageTest instance if you want to keep the same output).