How use Private Instance using VMWare virtual box

Hello I have a question regarding Private Instance.

I want to run Webpagetest server and agent on the same computer.

I used VMWare as my virtual machine and I used XAMPP as my web server. So, I want to test my sites on the same machine. But the browsers are closing before showing the result.


Should I put webpagetest server and agent on the same place? for example on my virtual machine. Then use my physical machine’s browser to access WPT?

How can I connect my physical machine and virtual machine?

Sorry for the questions. I’m stuck on how I can run both machines. Thank you in advance!

In the setup on my Mac, I use the local web webserver for the server code, and occasionally run a Windows VM running on VM Ware Fusion when I want to use the Windows agent.

Depending on the size of the VM host you could run the agent in one VM, and the agent in another, advantage this gives you is you could potentially and more agents if you needed more testing throughput and the host is capable