How's it work? I got better scores with slower speed

I’ve been testing a small page to see if different including or removing different elements effects a slower or faster speed. I anticipated that removing things and making images smaller would give me a faster speed. But, no. Instead I got slower speeds but better scores.

Do the scores represent my sites performance over different times from different… whatever it is that delivers sites? So my first test was with a fast deliverer? and my second with a slow deliverer???

Or… is it something entirely different?

What score? The Page Speed Score? Page Speed considers a bunch of different optimizations but they may not directly correlate with speed. I recommend focusing on the waterfall itself and the timing of everything and optimizing for that.

Also be careful when comparing results to make sure you have enough data points to have a representative time (9 runs is usually good). If your time to first byte varies much it has the ability to completely throw off the measurements from one run to the next and may dwarf any work on optimizations.

That’s helpful. I felt guilty using the speedtest more than once. Now I better understand that using it more than once is the norm, not a guilty exception.


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