HTML Object truncates randomly

HI Support,
I have previously run on Private instances and Pro version of Webpagetest but have the same issue on both, and also on the publicly available version.
I use the HTML object stream that is available from the Waterfall object stream and have found that the HTML stream gets truncated, especially for large HTML streams.

A particular example is on 220923_AiDc6S_AYN ( tested page - Here the first run object is complete, but the repeat run object is truncated at 626,652 bytes (expecting 818.9 KB (uncompressed).

Another example is even more bizaare. 220923_AiDcHG_7ZR is for Here the First view truncates at 365,265 bytes of 471KB. However, the Repeat view is completely damaged as it shows a random JSON result of approx 126KB.

These are just 2 examples among many I have found.

The use of this feature is of importance to me in my work, so would appreciate if you could resolve this.

Thanks in advance