htpasswd protect for WPT folder

Hi Pat,
When i set htpasswd for wpt folder (.htaccess) with security function. It cannot submit any tests.
What do u think about this issue?

Does the browser error out or does it look like the test got submitted but never run? The reason I ask is that the test agents poll the server for work and if the /work/ directory is covered by the .htaccess protection as well then the agents will not be able to communicate with the server.

The browser notices “There was an error running the test(s).” (I use Visual Comparision).
I also check the /work/ directory, there aren’t any jobs created in /testing/ directory. I’m sure there isn’t .htaccess file in work directory.

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Also having the same issue!

I need to not have the /work directory protected by htaccess, but I’m not sure how to do that in nginx if anyone knows, please post!