Looking for documentation

Hello, I’m looking for how to enable authentification in WPT but i can’t find anything about it in the documentation, also I’m looking for how to works the TCPdump I see in ini a setting related to cloud sniffer but I don’t know how it works.

Thanks in advance.

Navigate to Advanced Settings > Auth(Tab) you can enter the Basic auth credentials there.

To enable tcpdump, navigate to Advanced Settings > Advanced(tab) and enable Capture network packet trace (tcpdump) and then execute your test. You will find the captures in the test result page next to the waterfall thumbnails. To analyse the packet captures use your favourite packet analyser (I am using Wireshark: http://www.wireshark.org/).

First of all thanks for the answer.

About auth, this is for protect the results in the test only. It’s possible to block the access to the gui? since we installed the instance somebody is launching tests to porn websites, etc. We want to protect it but if we use the apache auth we have problems with agents.

You can us .htaccess auth for everything but exclude the /work directory which will allow the agents to connect but will prevent anyone from being able to submit tests or otherwise interact with your instance.

Perfect, that’s what we did. My only doubt was which folder I need to leave open. Thanks!

I have done this, but I’m still seeing errors in the NGINX log, specifically for “o user/password was provided for basic authentication” for the host root dir and for runtest.php?

I have rules set up to for http auth for the whole server with exceptions for:

    location /work {
            auth_basic          off;

    location = /work/getwork.php {
            auth_basic          off;

Are there other directories / files I need to open up? I’m concerned about the auth error for the <myprivateinstance.webpagetest.com> url