https and test certs

I’m trying to test a site that uses https, we are only using a self generated cert in our test environment - which generates the “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate.” page in ie.

How can I get round this as it seems to stop the test in its tracks… I have tried using the clickandwait scripting command to click the ‘overridelink’ but with no joy!

Anyone else come across this situation and if so how did you solve it?



I don’t have a good solution for this right now. I can add an option to ignore SSL cert errors in the next release but that’s probably the only way around it (short of testing yourself with the desktop plugin). The scripting support won’t click on dialogs, just things within the browser DOM.


I guess ignoring cert errors would probably be the simplest option.

It’s a bit weird as obviously the browser receives an http response to the initial request with the cert details in and decides to render the page that allows you to override the cert error, but it looks like that doesnt happen when ie is being driven by urlblaster, all i see is a blank page… I thought that urlblaster would see the ie page and I’d be able to script a click on the override link in the page?



I tried using this option in tests on a private install, and it still returns the same SSL Cert error. Are there other steps to get this option to work or does it have problems?

There was another thread around here somewhere recently where they got it working by installing the CA (or something related to the private cert) on the test agent (machine account, not user). That way the browser thinks it is a valid cert.

The test option should work but even when it does we have seen some different behavior with the connections (keep alive didn’t work or something like that) so it’s probably best to avoid it anyway.