https issues...

We have a website which currently has the ability to answer correctly at either http or https. Running a webpagetest on any page, but for the purposes of illustration I’ve use the home page at

The problem is that webpagetest is showing some unusual ‘gaps’ in the waterfalls for https but not http. In secure mode it’s also showing time to first byte values that are peculiar… I expect them to be longer by the TLS negotiation but not from under a second, to now two or three seconds… since the TLS negotations itself should add only a few tenths. I’ve validated our SSL/TLS configuration using and indeed when using client based local tools from several connection paths I’m not seeing these problems.

I found one other reference to this issue in the forums but the discussion did not show an explanation or resolution, other than to check the advanced settings box for ‘ignore SSL certificate errors’, for which there should not be any in the first place.

Any advice would be appreciated.

– Mark