Chrome vs. https

Due to the latest announcement from Google that they will switch their search for logged in users to https, I thought I’d run some tests http vs. https. To be extra friendly I ran them on Chrome, but it looks like there is some issue with Chrome and https:
Chrome HTTP:
Chrome HTTPS:

Then I double checked with IE9 - all fine here:

When studying the results, I also noticed that according to the waterfall and connection view of the average run in IE9 HTTP only 5 out of 7 connections to did the Initial Connection and SSL Negotiation.

Any ideas?

HTTPS decoding isn’t supported for Chrome yet (close but not quite ready for prime time). SSL to Google through Chrome uses SPDY inside of SSL (not HTTP) though so it will be even longer before we have decode support for that (hopefully in a month or two). The times are accurate, you just don’t get visibility into the individual requests.

I’ll take a look and see if I can find the 2 missing negotiations. I’m sure it was a bug on our side somewhere that caused them to get missed.



Ok, thanks