Page Size appears to be incorrect for HTTPS(?) pages in Chrome

Hi Pat,

Been testing a few HTTPS pages on Sydney:Chrome and noticed that the page size is reported incorrectly (13KB!) e.g.

Repeating the same test in IE7 gives a more sensible page size (1,367) - also checked IE vs Chrome on Dulles and saw the same behaviour.

Great timing, I just opened a bug on that yesterday:

HTTPS in Chrome is an ongoing effort and should get better pretty quickly (before yesterday the waterfalls looked all screwy with connect times on every request). I’m arm-wrestling with IE 10 right now but I think I have their changes figured out so hopefully I’ll get it online in the next couple of days and then I can look at the Chrome bytes.

Thx, there’s no rush from my perspective - I’ll work out the page sizes using IE.

I ran into the same behavior testing a SPDY site, sortof glad that the problem is not directly tied to SPDY.