Inconsistent Test History

I am currently working with a private instance on my local system running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

I have basically three ways of accessing my private instance’s page: by use of address, my IP address, and my computer’s name. I found out that tests executed through either address are not visible through the other addresses; for instance, if I go to and run a test, I can’t see the result if I later access my site via http:///.

I can see that a specific user string (variable name o) is stored in the corresponding cookie, so every address mentioned above contains a different user string; this seems to be the culprit of the issue I am encountering. In the Test History tab, even if I select “Show tests from all users” and update the list, the results from “other users” do not show up.

Given that I am intending to make use of my private instance in my local intranet, I do not have any need for “users” and instead I need to make all tests available to anyone who accesses my private instance (be it thru my IP address or computer’s name). So the question is, how can I disable this specific functionality?