Install WPT Invoking External Agents

HI WPT Team,

We installed WPT server successfully and we are able to run the test from the WPT server agents itself… (Agent Same machine)

When we are trying to configure external agents…

We referred the below link and configured the Remote agent machine to invoke the test in the external agent. (Another machine in the same network)

Issue we are facing is we are not able to configure the external agent in the current machine which is running the WPT server.

Pls find the configuration files for the server and agents that has been modified…

Pls help is in providing the pointers which we missed in configuring the external agents…

We are not able to invoke the test from the external agents…


Does the second agent have exactly the same browsers and the first (server)?

If so you can just deploy it with the same wptdriver.ini but change the url= line at the top to url=http://WPT_SERVER_IP/

The in your locations.ini just have one location

HI Andy Davis,

Thanks for your Quick response, We are able to Invoke the External Agent from the other machine in the same network.

We have the below clarifications.

  1. Is the same settings need to be repeated for IE (URL blast)
  2. What will be the configuration required to run the multiple agents together (i.e) Agents sitting in multiple locations (At present we have stopped the WPT driver from the WPT server.