iOS 10, WPT support and jailbreaking

I was wondering if there are any plans to support iOS 10 devices through WPT without jailbreaking. Currently, the only reliable jailbreak you can get is for iOS 9, and it would appear that a full jailbreak for iOS 10 or any future versions of iOS will never see the light of day. This is an issue as the version of Safari on the device is outdated and does not have the newest feature set (H2 Push, etc…)

Are there any plans to support an iPhone agent through the developer tools, or in some other fashion that does not rely on the device to be jailbroken?

Yes. It’s next on the list of things to tackle for wptagent (the new mobile testing agent). Short version is that it will consist of a custom browser shell that manages the startup/cache/navigation as well as video recording locally on the device and use dev tools remotely for measurement.

It will probably be a few months before it is complete and working though (probably around iOS 11 release).