IOS Agents

Hi All,

Just looking for some guidance on how to get he IOS agents working. I have tried everything possible and have found that

  1. The Openurl code kills the browser soon after launch with an error Recv. Timeout. Unsure if the code needs to be amended cause i am using iOS 7 on an iphone 4.
  2. The command line shows that the url runs blank on subsequent runs. Looks like the browser_ios.js launches the browser with a command scheduleOpenUrl_ where the blank is being passed while in the actual definition of the function the expected result is to pass a param “url”.
  3. when i run wpttest instead of the actual command to launch the testing process as an agent, the below errors occur. Not sure if there is an easy way to fix this. The only good thing is that I am able to get a screenshot.

The below 4 are listed as errors when i run on a MAC running Yosmite.
browser_ios small
1) should start and get killed with default environment
2) should start and get killed with full environment
3) should use PAC server
4) should record video with the correct device type

Any guidance is highly appreciated.