iOS Update Notice

Testing a page using the iOS browser in Dulles, VA, I saw a system message preempt the page load.

See the screen shot of the results here:

The text of the message is as follows:

Software Update
iOS 6.1.3 is now available for your phone.

Sorry, and thanks for the heads-up. I cleared the message from 2 of the 5 phones but it may pop up on the others. Even with a jailbreak and an update blocker they still get through - ahh, the fun of mobile testing.

Thanks for the quick resolution, Pat!

This is probably unrelated to the update notice but SPOF tests on iOS have 0 requests. The summary tab of the example URL above demonstrates this…

I’ve reproduced the issue on a couple of different URLs before and after you cleared the message. I can fork this to a new thread if it’s unrelated.

The iOS (and android) devices don’t support scripts at all. They can only do basic URL testing right now.

If you want to test a mobile page for SPOF you best bet is to use a Chrome browser and go into the chrome advanced settings tab and turn on mobile device emulation.

Ahh gotcha. Thanks for the info.

FYI Pat, the update notice is back.


Annnnnd cleared again. I think one of the phones still hasn’t gotten it so I’ll keep an eye out for it to show.

Hi Pat :slight_smile:

Another iOS alert: