Landscape mode not working for iPhone 6s, 7+, and 8


I was running some tests today and it seems that some of the landscape options are not working:

It seems to work for iPhone 6, and some others:

When will it be fixed?

Looks like the upgrade alert prompt was preventing the app from rotating the screen. I’m in the process of updating all of the iOS devices right now (verified it fixed it on the 2017 iPad). It’s a manual update for each device and there are ~10 devices to update so it will be a few hours. I’ll post back when it is done.

Awesome, thanks!

Should all be fixed now: WebPageTest - Running web page performance and optimization tests...

Hi Patrick,

looks like the Landscape Mode for all iPhone models is dead again :frowning:

Also the iPhone 6 shows no results at all:


PS: Is it possible to put a donation box for an iPhone X on the site?