Is it possible to run only repeat view ?

Hello guys I’m preparing for a client meeting where the client wants to performance test a system which is located at their site and the employees are using mainly the system’s site. So my point is that I’m going to need only the second cached resources view is there a way to run the first view only to collect the cache and then only repeat views ?

If you are running a private instance you can do it for Chrome and Firefox:

  • Launch the browser and browse manually to the pages you want to populate the cache with
  • Copy the browser profile directory (where all of the cache, cookies and history are kept) to the agent directory under templates/Firefox and templates/Chrome (or whatever name you want to give them)
  • Update wptdriver.ini to point to the template directory for each browser (Firefox already has one so just update it to the new name and make a similar entry for Chrome)

Before launching the browser, wptdriver copies the contents of the template directory to the new profile that the browser is going to use.

That will give you repeat views from a cache taken at a specific point in time. If you want it to constantly refresh and just show repeat view data there is no way to do that (other than always just including repeat views in the testing).

Thank you really much for the answer it was really helpful !