Is my website fast enough?

I did a website test, but i don’t really understand if my website loads fast or not.


Can someone help me, and give me the exact speed time?


I’m afraid it absolutely does not load fast. It took me 10.74 seconds to load it fully (from The Netherlands); before it got to that point, it did not look like I was able to use the site. Quite frankly, it’s a terrible idea (in many respects) to build your whole website with Shockwave Flash technology. It’s not very usable, it’s horribly slow, search engines will have trouble indexing your content, and your site won’t work on a mobile phone, to name just a few downsides.

You should aim to keep your load times as low as possible, preferably below 1-2 seconds. Considering the nature of your content, a fairly simple static site (HTML, CSS, images) would suffice, and could easily be fully loaded within a few seconds. I probably would’ve left this site before it had loaded, had I visited as a “normal” user.

If you can’t convert it to an HTML-based rather than a Flash-based site, one thing you could do to speed it up slightly is to find a web host in The Netherlands. You’re currently hosting it in the United Kingdom, whereas Dutch consumers are your target demographic, who will experience longer wait-times than they would if you were to host it in The Netherlands (plenty of affordable hosts around).