is Shanghai test facility down?

I"m not getting results from there

I hopped on the machine and it looks like it is running tests (albeit slowly) but the results aren’t making it back. It’s going to take a bit of digging to try and figure out what is going wrong.

Thank you for your help. Greatly appreciated.

While you are on the machine, any change of installing a newer version of IE?

Thanks again.

It looks like it might have something with routing the agent traffic through Cloudflare because, well, China.

Routing the agents directly seems to have fixed it, at least for Chrome:

I’ll keep an eye on things but I wouldn’t be surprised to see random issues with that location.

I’ll have to get a new VM to run a newer version of IE. That location runs server 2003 and > IE 8 isn’t supported.

Thank you Patrick. I suspect that many users will appreciate being able to test with newer versions of IE.

Shanghai is not even electable any more.
Rerunning from history stuck in “Waiting in front of the queue”

Sorry, machine was having issues. I went ahead and retired the VPS and got a new 2008 R2 VPS with IE 11. Should be up and running now.

Thank you Patrick