Not result data from a Chinese IP

Hey guys,

I’m trying to see how fast my US based website loads from a Shanghai IP address.

I went through all the settings on the test page, but all it came back with was an error code;

When I try using a US IP, the result came back as normal;

Have i set something wrong? Apologies if this is an obvious issue, but i searched the Forum, but nothing similar came up.



I re-ran the Shanghai test you did and got some results back - - though screenshot for the first view crashed.

Damn my website is slow in China. :frowning:

Thanks for the help with that. Is the failure something I’m doing, or a bug with the system you think?

When it comes to the great firewall of China it is anyones guess as why things happen.

“The Great Firewall of China” isn’t necessarily what makes your website slow. It is a set of very strict Internet content laws in China that makes you run the risk of your site being blocked or blacklisted if you don’t have an ICP license.

The reason for your slow site is the physics that even the Internet abides to. The distance between the content in your origin server and end-users in China builds latency. If you’re concerned about your site’s latency, I suggest doing some research on a content delivery network that performs well in China if you haven’t already. Here’s a really helpful source:

You can either host your site in China and acquire an ICP or ICP Beian license, or consider a near-China solution, which I’ve elaborated in Quora: