Link to showslow result not correct

On the webpagetest test result screen, there is a link called “See in ShowSlow” which points to: http://hostname/showslow/beacon/yslow/details/?

this URL should not point to “…/showslow/beacon/yslow/details/?..” but to “…/showslow/details?..” (also notice removal of the forward slash in front of the question mark)

To correct this, add a parameter to settings.ini (I called it “showslowbase”) and put in the path to the showslow base location. For example:

;showslow beacon

;showslow base

Then, in, change line 102:


echo ‘
See in ShowSlow’;


echo ‘
See in ShowSlow’;

Sorry, moved because WPT Monitor is actually a different project.

You may need an updated show slow install. You don’t point it to the yslow beacon - the latest versions of show slow have native support for a custom beacon from WebPagetest. You should just use the show slow base for the show slow definition and the relative url’s will be figured out automatically.



Hey Pat,

Let me thanks you first of all for all your great work! I love WPT, especially in combination with ShowSlow!

I guess it was just confusion on my part then. I must have gotten used to pointing things at the yslow beacon such that anytime i see the word beacon, i point it at yslow … :wink:

however … after i changed settings.ini to point at showslow base, i started getting 500 errors in response to the POST to the webpagetest beacon. This looks a lot like the issue described here: …

if you have any insight into this issue, let me know … i will post this to the showslow group too.

Just as a sanity check, are you running a 1.1+ build of show slow? Earlier builds didn’t have support for it.

yep, 1.1.2 to be exact …