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my first names blake last name connell i want a hilarious middle name for face book like anchorman, or optimus.give me something good that i havnt herd of.I am needing to go through my facebook friends and delete quite a few, but with the new facebook you have to scroll through, click the friend arrow, a drop down comes, and then you click unfriend. & then it refreshes the page! D: Does anyone know of an easier way to do this. ): It’s taking forever mp3 Depends on what games you want to play. The ATI X1400 is a very old card and will not be able to handle 90% of today’s games. More information is needed to fully answer this question. But the X1400 should work for Solitaire LOLI’m trying to design a cpu/alu and I’m struggling to find information on EXACTLY how the cpu actually works and controls everything. Any information would be appreciated but please avoid giving general answers about adders, logic gates, etc. I need to know how they work together to be as versatile as computers today. Thanks in advancedmp3I made a video on Windows Live Movie Maker, and it won’t let me put it on a Power Point. What do I need to convert it to and where do I go to do so?I got this code not to sure what it means. It did tell me no Drivers detected. Suggestions Turn off computer system and verify the drive cables are securely attached. I did check them but they seem to be fine. Just to note before this happened my computer started doing all these wierd things like screen saver was split with 2 pics and it also was telling me Boot MGR is missing on a Black screen. The computer now just freezes on Blue screen where you can press F11 or F9 for your computer problems but it seems only F9 works to do a Diagnostic test. Other than that it just freezes on that windows blue option screen.Obviosly I can’t do a system restore because pressing F11 does nothing. I have Windows 7 Model p6320y HP. Its only a little over a year old. Any help out there much appreciated. I hope someone out there had this same problem with this same model. PLEASE HELP! Need my computer back.