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I need help opening my NAT. I’ve searched the internet but I haven’t found detailed instructions on how to do this for someone who does not know anything about computers. I’m using Verizon FiOs and I have a Actiontec MI424-WR Rev. E router. My Console is telling me that I need to enable UPnP. I may also need to know how to open ports if UPnP is not the problem. Please help.i have like literally a couple question, if SOMEONE is kind enough, please please please please help me, email me at you dont even know how appreciative i would be!!!press all of the buttons suplementy diety odchudzanie tabletki odchudzajace dieta south beach i use my yahoo email, and every time i try to send e-mail to someone, i keep getting some error message & it does not send my e-mail. it also says the name/password might be incorrect even though i did it correctly. and this windows live thing keeps coming up when i start to send an email it’s also the same name & password i use to sign in here on yahoo and Y!A i did a virus scan & there wasn’t any virusesi wanna watch all la lakers, nba games online for free , doesnt need to be live. thanks! 10 points , 5 starsAl right I have two choices. Either I get an Intel core i3 2100 equipped with an XFX Radeon HD 6950 or… I get an Intel core i5 2500k with a XFX Radeon HD 6850. Which one do you think I would get better performance from when gaming?