Dreamhost Hosting issues

Sorry for the outage tonight. Dreamhost has been having issues with VPS stability and in their infinite wisdom they thought they’d try disabling WebPagetest to see if that helped.

Luckily they just renamed the directory hosting the site and it was trivial to rename it back but there’s a chance they will come back and do it permanently (I’m talking to their support team but they are slow to respond which is why I re-enabled it myself).

Needless to say I’ll be moving the hosting sooner rather than later. After looking at a bunch of options I’m inclined to manage the physical hosts myself and either get some co-lo space or just cut over to business FIOS and host the servers myself (in case I haven’t mentioned it before - FIOS is AWESOME!).

Things might be bumpy for a few days but hopefully the site will remain up during the transition. Some historical tests may also be unavailable as I transition but they are all still there, I just need to download > 1TB of history :slight_smile: