Api Server Issues?

Hey Patrick - I have a script that regularly submits a few jobs using the API, but this morning it’s not working. When I look at the output returned from my API call, it’s blank. Is everything working okay?

It does seem that normal tests through the web interface are fine, and when I visit WebPageTest directly I do get an error message (so the server’s not down).

Just curious if you’re aware of anything if it it’s on my end.


Looks like it’s working again now (after 2 hours). Weird…nothing changed on my end.

That’s strange because the UI uses the same API entry points. Let me know if you see it again. Could be Cloudflare’s WAF rules triggering for some reason (I’m experimenting with running on CF so I can better understand it but it was moved over ~3 weeks ago so the change itself wasn’t the cause).

Hmm…appears to be happening again today (and it happened once more yesterday when trying to retrieve results).

I’m sticking to my daily limit, but perhaps I’m requesting too quickly? Does Cloudflare place limits on how many requests/second you can do?

Let me know if knowing my server’s IP address or api key would help debug…

Nope, no limits on requests/second or sizes. If you can email me your IP address (pmeenan@webpagetest.org) I can search the logs for it.