Cloudflare Bot Management api.js issue with the recent Google Chrome Update to v.85

Hi All,

Before the implementation of the new version of chrome, most of the sites I’ve been monitoring are under the 3 seconds mark. (See sample images below).
But after the update of on Aug. 25, the page loads 2 times slower than before.

Before (WPT test result on Aug. 24):

After (WPT test result on Aug. 25):

You will notice that the API.JS takes a lot of time to execute. And as per checking and research this is a system generated resource when Bot Management in cloudflare is enabled.

Tried solution:
I have tried to whitelist the public IP address of webpagetest but the result is still the same.

I would like to ask your thoughts regarding my issue. Or if you have any ideas on how will I approach the issue is much appreciated.

Thank you

Were the test conditions the same (location and connection speed)? If you click on the requests coming from Cloudflare and look at the response headers, does it look like they came from the same edge and were cached? Independent of the slower JS execution it also looks like there were slower request responses for a bunch of the requests.

Hi pmeenan,

Yes, test conditions are the same.

Test Loc : Dulles, VA USA (Desktop, Android, iOS)
Browser : Chrome
Connection : Cable

I’ve check the response headers, and both have the same identical headers.

You can check my test results on August 24(Manila Time) here:

After Chrome Update on August 25:

Maybe you could take a look on those results and let me know your thoughts of it.

Thank you.

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