Server Migration

I’m in the process of moving WebPagetest from shared hosting to VPS hosting to solve some intermittent performance issues. It may be a bumpy few days but it will be worth it (the forums should already be significantly faster than they were).

If something isn’t working just shoot me a note and I’ll take a look (like for anyone trying to access the site this morning there was a MyBB error message because Dreamhost botched the database migration).

Hopefully it will be as seamless as possible and all of the historical data is being migrated as well so when it is done you shouldn’t notice that anything happened.



Not sure if you know about this but the “Forum” link in your main nav is missing:

Argh, thanks. They must have migrated half of the web site over (the huge amount of data for the historical tests is causing them a bit of grief). The forums link is added to the header dynamically if the forum code is installed (so private installs don’t show it).

Hopefully all this “fun” will be over in the next day or so.