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I have spent some time optimising my website www.wetsuitcentre.co.uk using results and guidelines from pingdom.com which initially showed an improvement.

Some pages remain stubbornly slow though - over 10 seconds in some cases


…and I need further guidance on what I can do to speed it up. I am wondering if there is a DNS issue or something not obvious.

Kevin Russell

After a very quick glance I’d say your shop-system takes a very long time to piece the page together before delivery: the browser is waiting for a response from your server for ~7 seconds.

Many online-shopping-systems have performance problems depending on what you throw at them - I’ve seen this happing to OXID Shop as well as XT-Commerce.

If your shopping-system is indeed based on PHP, an obcode cache like APC might help you improve server-side performance a lot. Additionally, trying to cache pages for viewers with Zero Items in their shopping-baskets (stateless) with e.g. Varnish will help a great deal. Try to keep your site-visitors stateless as long as possible so that they can all be server from Varnish rather than your actual webserver (NGINX, Apache…).

Thanks for the response. The system is written in Classic ASP on Windows Server 2008.

If what you say is true and the page is taking time to build, what would be a good way to find out where the bottle neck is?

Kevin Russell

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