many "(request cancelled)" after updating to rev. 1017


I work with HEAD revisions of WPT.

After updating to interactive waterfall charts I noticed that in my measurements many cancelled connections appeared at the bottom of charts. After downgrading everything is OK.

What is specific is that values of numbers of connections are very high. For example first such entry is with number 112 after the last normal entry with number 9.

Did you just update the server code or did you also deploy new agent binaries? Can you reproduce the problem with the public instance (which is running the current HEAD)?

I updated both.

I will try to reproduce it.
This result contains such connections (bottom of chart):

but results on my installation contain more of them.

Sorry about that, all fixed now (



Not sure if we’re talking about the same thing here but recently we also started noticing “request cancelled” entries in waterfalls. Example: “” → request # 63 and 64

Another thing i noticed in this result is that the request headers don’t seem to match up with the request. For example, the URL for request 1 is “”, yet the request header shows “GET /fos/css/1/sales_http_20120522.css HTTP/1.1” …

any clues?

Hmm, haven’t seen the headers do that before - opened an issue to track it:

Just fixed the headers alignment, sorry about that.