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ok, anyone who says uggs are ugly are totally fashion-less! emg ok they are so cute !. do not order uggs from any place like amazon or ebay or anything… you should order them from… . oh and theyre not rly waterproof. you have to buy this stuff its made ugg australia and its like water/stain protector or something, its like $7 and you just spray it on and let it dry for 24 hours… . oh and they are so cute! and comfy and warm! you totally wont regret it, but you should go to like nordstroms or something and try on a pair before ordering/buying them…dont get ones that are too big, cuz they tend to like flatten out a little, but if they are the right size, not too small! or big, then they wont flatten. . hope i helped! and omg~! ur totally going to love ur uggs! if you’re selling you should sell at auction/classifieds not on here… . or or ebay or amazon Where’s Dwight Shrute’s gaydar when you need it? cheap ugg boots pandora The official website is, I have ordered Uggs from the website… . Hope I helped :slight_smile: Typically I would go a bigger size than smaller because sometimes it’s okay to have it a little loose because half a size is not much. If they were regular slippers though, I would suggest getting getting them smaller because regular slippers tend to run big. If anything, get a gift receipt so she can exchange it. I bet she will like the gift. :slight_smile: ugg boots sale